CCDA - Why?

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Why take this cert?  Why not just go straight to CCNP/CCSP/CCVP/CCIP?
I know you need it for CCDP.

It says Design, but does it cover topics that aren't covered in the
Pro certs?

Just wondering what the logic is, and if the CCDA is something worth


Re: CCDA - Why?
Scott Mackenzie, AT&T engineer with CCNA, CCNP, CCDA, CCDP, CQS
Wireless FE, and CQS Wireless SE certifications had this to say:

On it's face, the CCDA/DP would be a good focus for pre-sales / Design
Engineers / possibly project managers.

Secondary to that, it's also a Very Good Thing(IMO) for the
troubleshooting side of the house.

Assuming that you will ultimately be working on / troubleshooting a
system that was designed and built "in the Cisco way," it helpful to
have an understanding on WHY something was architected the way it

While it is, to some degree, true that "a switch is a switch, a router
is a router" it's also very true that a systems architect (if they're
worth a damn) will take advantage of the features offered beyond the
basic functionality of the device and design the system as a
whole ... .not one chunk at a time / one device at a time.

Having the knowledge and skillset of the CCDA/DP gives you (at the
least) the basic concepts that drive the design of the system and help
you figure out where it's broke (according to what it was designed and
built to do).

CCDA is not so much of a "slam dunk" .... as a test, you are given a
few paragraphs of background and asked questions related to how you
would approach the issues presented ... you have to give it due
ponderance and "think like Cisco" to properly resolve the challenge.

Given that there are a zillion ways and philosophies to implement a
system for any given situation, much of the "trick" to passing the
CCDA/DP is to think in terms of doing it the "Cisco Way."

Hope this helps.

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