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I now have access to a used Catalyst 1900 that has been taken out of
service. I grabbed my laptop, (so old it even has a serial port) and hooked
up my console cable. I got nothing whatsoever out of the 1900 using
Hyperterminal and the specified settings. Thinking I might be stupid or
something, I connected to a 2501 Router with my console cable and that came
right up.

Can the 1900 be locked? If I press the reset switch would that bypass
whatever locks might be in place, or do you think the 1900 is toast?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have two Router sims that
have the 1900 in them, but I'd like to experience the real thing.

Ron Snipes
New Bern, NC

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Re: Catalyst 1900 question
do you get anything on the console while the switch is booting?

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Re: Catalyst 1900 question
I get nothing whatsover on my Hyperterminal screen, before, during or after
power is applied and POST.
Using the same Hyperterminal and concole cable, I swapped out the 1900 for a
2501. That worked just fine, eliminating a bad cable. An engineer buddy
suggested a higher than 9600 speed, so I'll try that next. POST appears
normal looking at the indicator lights. I'll have access again this
saturday, so I'll experiment more.

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