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I have bought a catalyst 1900 off from ebay for CCNA study and i have
connected to the console port using a null modem cable and when i boot it up
i get ATQ0H0

Any ideas how to get around this?


Re: Catalyst 1900

Wrong RS-232 Cable
A null-modem cable is needed when attaching directly to terminals or
other stations; a straight-through cable is needed when attaching to
modems. ATQ0H0 may appear on the terminal screen.

Re: Catalyst 1900
Thats what i have been using - i got this cable from my mate who uses this
one at work on their catalyst 1900's

Any more ideas or shalli give in on this?

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Re: Catalyst 1900
Sneaky wrote:
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Are you *sure* you're plugged into the Console port and not the AUX port?

The AUX port is typically used to connect modems for out-of-band
communication to remote sites. That ATQOH0 sure looks like a Hayes modem
command. Check and see *exactly* what port you have the cable plugged into.

John P. Dearing
A+, Network+, Server+

Re: Catalyst 1900
im sure this is in the console port

im not sure what else i can do?

Any ideas?

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Re: Catalyst 1900
Sneaky wrote:
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This sounds *really* familiar, but I can't recall exactly when I encountered it
on a Cisco product before.  Obviously, the switch is configured to treat the
port as dial-up, and it's setting up an imaginary modem.  If it won't let you
talk to it anyway, you can do one of two things:

1) Get an old-fashioned modem, connect it to the port with an actual modem
cable, and dial into it from the modem port on your laptop.  (You'll need two
phone lines for this.)

2) Perform the "password recovery" operation to boot the switch without using
the startup-config.  You'll need to look up the process for your specific model,
but most devices involve using a "break" command during the very early phase of
system boot.  (Remember that certain terminal emulators don't always do "break"
properly--test it first on something else.)

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