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Hi you all,

I've been looking at for somewhat books to get enough insight to
pass the CCSP exams. Well, this is quiet not easy to choose even one book!
Some of those are, like very big and covering all the topics from the SECUR,
CSIDS and CSPFA but I wonder it it is a good deal to purchase one big or
maye 5 smaller?

I need your feed on it,

Thank you very much,


Re: Books for CCSP

Dimitri, i used books from ciscopress
( )
and so far find it useful during my preparation. In u notice, ciscopres
would release 2 books for each exam , one for "learning", and one for
"preparing exam", you could decide which one to buy, for normally i buy
the one titled ".... Exam Certification Guide" (preparing exam).

If u are going to buy it from net, u could try and
they offer quite good price or ebay for 2nd book.

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