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Have a question or want to start a discussion? Post it! No Registration Necessary.  Now with pictures! is the entrusted digital expert for new and established busine
sses in Malaysia and overseas. Creative Web & Mobile App Development, E-com
merce, PWA, System Development, SEO, SEM and SMM are a small part of our se
rvice portfolio. We handcraft every project with the idea in heart and the  
customer in mind!


Exceptional Design, Functionality and Captivating Content.

These are the three cornerstones of the website that Blue Ninja will create
 for you. Gaining insights into your client base, our Ninjas design the web
site to specifically attract attention of your customer target segment. We  
create transformative experiences which are user-focused and innovate a web
site that offers full customer experience lifecycles.

Need a website. Let our team of experienced ninjas to help you today!


Retail store owners think their biggest threat is the move to shopping onli
ne. In reality, other market changes are just as deadly. Abandon the concep
t of "cookie-cutter" stores and embrace e-commerce solutions. Our Ninjas ca
n help you establish a strong online presence by developing an interactive,
 well-designed, mobile-friendly, and convenient e-commerce website.

The highest level of comfort for users is the key feature of e-commerce web
sites handcrafted by our experienced Ninja team! Enrich your website with t
he tranquillity of home. How? Call Blue Ninja and let us help you!


Here?s the new kid in the block and the Ninjas have gotten hold of  
it! Progressive Web Applications (PWA) is a website that behaves exactly li
ke a mobile app.

Unlike mobile applications, which must be installed before it can be used,  
a PWA can be accessed through a search engine and used immediately. Oh and  
even with flaky connection, no issues! This application gives the flexibili
ty to send out push notifications too. Now, this is user experience on a ne
w high!


As smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily lives, high-qua
lity mobile app development services are of a great value. From initial str
ategy and concept stage, design, feel and user experience, to app testing a
nd app store launch, our creative ninjas will ensure the full app journey f
or our clients.

We focus our process around an agile methodology with focus on providing ou
r clients full transparency and fast progress. We are religious about quali
ty and high service levels. This is why everything is done in-house by our  
Blue ninjas in each field.


Running a business in the modern fast-paced world requires a quick decision
-making and smooth workflow processes. Web app development services deliver
ed by our Ninjas are able to digitalize and transform your fragmented busin
ess processes into a centralized system.

Being the best web application development company in Malaysia, Blueninja.i
o aims at growing your company into one single mechanism through the use of
 the latest technologies. Designed with a customer in mind, our web systems
 are developed to ensure that user requirements are met in support of busin
ess strategic goals and objectives. Innovative software is what your team i
s definitely looking for!


Where interaction between brands and consumers are taken to a whole new lev
el. With the number of internet users growing rampantly every year, the cur
rent digital age empowers brands, big or small with endless marketing oppor
tunities for them to be able to grow exponentially.

With our highly reputable ninja squad, we focus mainly on Search Engine Opt
imization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (

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