Best prep material to pass CCNA exam?

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I failed my CCNA today with 737. I know where I failed. I ran out of time
and had to skip the 2 sim questions in my exam, and rush the last 13
questions. I have 2 MCP's so I have sat IT exams before, but I must admit I
was not prepared for the 55 questions in 90 mins.

I would like to know what preparation material you used to pass your CCNA
exam. Especially prep exam questions that helped you pass.
I have Boson exam questions (850+ questions), 2 routers, an ISDN sim,
network visualizer 4.06 and Todd Lamle Sybex guide and I have attended a
really good CCNA weekend bootcamp in the UK. (I'm from UK).

Do I need to buy a switch? And exactly what are the best exam prep
questuions out there? The boson ones I had seemed ok, but as some of them
are wrong (get this sorted Boson) and don't even know about subnet zero, I
think I need to get some decent proven exam questions before I take the exam

many thanks in advance for any advice.

Ps. No spam about XYZ company that has the best questions and just a link.
Helpful written advice from real people only please. Thanks.

Re: Best prep material to pass CCNA exam?
I used two items. First of all I used a Global Knowledge flash training
course and then I followed up by thoroughly reading the Cisco Press CCNA
Prep book. From what I remember I put a lot of emphasis on knowing exactly
how to determine subnets and how to make my own based on some requirement.

In your case I would recommend that you get access to at least two routers
and two switches so you can enable routing protocols like RIP, IGRP. Just
about everything in CCNA you can practice with one router, but two is

Thats my two cents or two pence in your case.

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Re: Best prep material to pass CCNA exam?

johnny wrote:
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if I could advise i would, but i'm studying lammle too, you're ahead.

Where is the really good bootcamp you went to in the uk?

Re: Best prep material to pass CCNA exam?
johnny wrote:

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My advice is read the book and try to really understand what the books
are trying to tell you.  CCNA is very basic certification.  Don't get
discouraged, just read the books to understand the technology as
opposed to reading the book to pass an exam. If you do the former, you
won't have any problems.



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Re: Best prep material to pass CCNA exam?
I would say don't buy the equipments.

If you have the Cisco Press books, my suggestion is study the questions at
the end of each chapter. Make sure you know the correct answer.

Also, the similator questions is simple that doesn't need to practice on a
real machine. For the borken similator question, you need to read the
configuration on each router and find the one missing the routing configure
and add it back. You need to run a ping test after add back the missing
configure and save it.

If you have Boson try it on the similator before exam.

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