Backing up switches

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Hi. Is suspect this is not on the CCNA test, but anyone managed to backup
switch info to a TFTP server? I've got as far as 'copy nvram tftp' but then
it just gives me 'incomplete command'. If I type a '?' afterwards I get
'unrecognised command'. I'm running a lowly 1900 V8.01, so probably not
worth bothering about - just bugging me as I intend to beak my systems as
much as possible over this long weekend.



Re: Backing up switches
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You very well might see this on the CCNA test.

You don't need to specify NVRAM, but if you specify a file system, you need
to specify what from the file system.  The easier way would be just to do a
'copy startup-config tftp', or the abridged version of 'copy start tftp'.

Hope that helps,


Re: Backing up switches

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Hi. Thanks. Took a little more digging after that, but it looks like I have
it working. The command syntax that worked for me was:

copy nvram tftp://n.n.n.n/filename

I had a bit of trouble with that, so set up some shares on my W2K
Professional machine, so as example, the exact syntax I ended up with, and
did work was:

copy nvram tftp://

Though note that before I did anything, I used the menus and found:

[F} Firmware, then option
[S] TFTP Server Name or IP Address

I set the n.n.n.252 there first.

Hmm... will have to play about a bit more, but have learned something today.

Thanks again,


Re: Backing up switches

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Ack, I think I missed the line where this is a 1900.  No, you won't see that
on the CCNA, but you may see the format that I mentioned with is for the IOS
flavors.  Glad you've got it working though :-)

Re: Backing up switches
On Sat, 5 May 2007 13:56:56 +0100

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I think for the 1900 you have to specify the tftp host and filename as part of
the single command:

copy nvram tftp://host/file

Why not download a copy of the IOS command info for the 1900 - might save you
some headaches...

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