back-to-back cisco serial cables

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I do have some DB60 DCE/DTE cables.

I have looked for pinouts for a DB50 (as in Cisco 3000 or NP-2T on
Cisco 4000) but cannot find it anywhere on, a general google
search, or here (some OLD pointers from this list are broken).

I also would like pinouts for serial ports the old AGS+ router (db-15).
 Are those ports the same as X.21 cables listed on

I wouldn't want to try to make my own DB-60 cable, but for DB-50 and
DB-15, I already have some connectors, and the only variety avaiable on
ebay is DB-50 to DB-60 and it is pretty expensive.  I also have (and
they show up on ebay at a reasonble price) DB-60 to DB-25, for which
maybe I could make an adapter to DB-50 or DB-15 or non-cisco equiptment.

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