Anyone near Raleigh, NC, USA?

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We will probably have a noc job opening up soon.  Tthe boss keeps
hiring site techs who know nothing about IP.  It takes 6 months or
more to get them up to speed.  This is a wan type noc for a carrier.  

I'm not a recruiter, I actually work there.  Trying to help out some
fellow router types.  Email me or IM me at address below if you are
near Raleigh.  I expect the job to post within 2 weeks to a month.
CCNA will be needed.

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Re: Anyone near Raleigh, NC, USA?
You may wish to investigate Cisco Resumes under North Carolina:

David Lundgren CCNA commutes to your area daily:

Hope this helps.

Brad Reese on Cisco
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