Aironet 1242G with Windows Server 2003 R2 Help!

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Hello all,

I was really hoping for some suggestions of the best route to go with
the scenario I have below as I don't have much experience with 802.1x

Scenario:  I need two tablet PC's to authenticate via an Aironet 1200
series AP to access resources on a Windows Server 2003 DC that's
running IAS/RADIUS.  Some machines will be hardwired to access
resources on the server as well.

Problem: It didn't work :)

Questions:  Do I need to setup the DC/IAS/Radius server as an
enterprise CA as well?

 Does the Aironet 1200 AP have to be directly connected to a secondary
NIC on the Radius Server or can it simply be plugged into the switch
as long as it is on the same subnet (which it currently is)?

Do the tablet PC's need to be hardwired to the network first and log
into the domain so that the computer accounts are created or not?

Since it will only be two machines that need to authenticate
wirelessly can I just setup the wireless clients manually.

If anyone has a link to a step by step unlike the 170 page Microsoft
whitepaper then that would really help!

Re: Aironet 1242G with Windows Server 2003 R2 Help!

The Cisco 1200 series wireless access points (WAPs) do not have to be
directly connected to the Windows server network interface.  They can be
connected across an ethernet switched network or even on the other side of
routers within the network as long as network traffic filtering is not in
place to block the intended communication used between these devices.

If I can provide more detail about the IEEE 802.1x authentication using
Microsoft servers, I will try to post at a later time unless someone else
can provide you a quicker or better answer.

Scott Perry
Indianapolis, IN

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Re: Aironet 1242G with Windows Server 2003 R2 Help!

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Thanks for your input Scott.  I've got the following config which I
used Microsoft's 170 page pdf to go by and also they supply you with
an msi package that has all the necessary scripts to Install the CA,
Setup the CA's IAS certificate, and also give you a GPO to link to
your domain so that client comouters can automatically enroll the IAS
Server certificate (which worked).  However, after trying for almost 8
hours it was a no go.  I created an HTML page here with alot of
details of the configuration of the Aironet 1242 WAP & the Windows
Server 2003 IAS Server.  If anyone has any valuable input on the
Aironet WAP's and Server 2003 setups, please link here and provide some
help.  Thanks.

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