801 vs. 811 & 821

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I failed the 801 test, just not enough time and only failed by 2 points.
Can't get through the labs quick enough.

If I do the 811 and 821 are the labs just as lengthy and difficult or is it
more question based than lab based?

Re: 801 vs. 811 & 821
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The 821 is more questions no labs, the 811 is about the same as the
80, just the questions change.  Changing your path is not a good
choice.  Just spend the next week practicing your labs.  Chances are 2
of the labs will be the same, or small variations.

Re: 801 vs. 811 & 821
I have the Cisco Press Self Study Kit and the #3 Exsim by Boson which was
recommended by my Cisco Rep.  I built a lab at work with old Cisco 2950's,
3550's,  and 25/26xx series routers but nothing that I prepared for with my
lab could organize me to do the labs presented in a short amount of time.
Is there a product that will help me prepare for what is needed for the
labs?  I feel if I could get the lab preparation I would easily pass the
test.  I know all the material I been working on Cisco equipment for over 10
years, I need a way to learn how to take the exams and the lab organization
so I can complete it in the amount of time alot.  I really do not recall
enough to be able to re prepare for the exams even if I do get two fo the
same.  Someone told me to take the two exams if you cannot get good lab
prepartation as they are more question based than lab based, and the sims
given in the 811 are simpler and done more quickly.  I have enough old
equipment at work to build 5 CCIE labs over and even borrow a few 4507's and
3750, 3560's PoE switches, but need to know how to build a lab that is
pertinent to the labs on the exam.  My 3550's all have enhanced images, and
I got tons of 2514's to build a similated frame relay network.

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