7200 emulator good for ccna/ccnp?

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1. i found an emulator for free online, the above and was wondering if
it is good for a beginner to cisco? i had to ask this question because
the freeware comes for linux.
2. what would i get if i load the ios image for the emulator into my
system, a complete cisco router? a friend told me to do so but couldn't
answer the question

Re: 7200 emulator good for ccna/ccnp?

I assume you are talking about the emulator from dynamips.

Its a superb tool. In fact a work colleague has used the tool to prepare for
his CCIE R&S lab. At present you can only run about 5 routers on a standard
pc. But that depends on the processing speed. You can also create
interconnections of your choice (Fast ethernet, serial, ppp, frame-relay).
As it says A REAL ROUTER will real IOS. You can even run the latest IOS from
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Re: 7200 emulator good for ccna/ccnp?

Islington wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it
that means i can load the ios image from cisco on my pc, right? do i
install another nvram or use the present one. thanks

Re: 7200 emulator good for ccna/ccnp?
Yes it will work great except for the support for the switches (1900,
2900, etc).  You can also use the version for Windows.  

As far as the IOS goes you will need to have a support contract with
Cisco to download the image.  The other possible avenues are finding
an IOS image are via a P2P network (i.e. www.filedonkey.com) or using
an application called IOS Hunter.

Good Luck!

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