640-801 Practical Question

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 Hello all. Have finally got a little lab up and running at home: PC
workstation ->switch1 ->router1 -> router2 -> Switch2 ->PC server. Full
details below.

 Two problems:

1) When all powered up I can ping and telnet all the way across from the
workstation (Win 2K Prof) to the server (Win 2K Advanced Server) but nothing
appears in network neighbourhood etc. I'm guessing that's a WINS server
issue, if so apologies as this is a cisco group.

2) A soon as I connect to my ISP I loose connectivity on the home network.
Once on-line I can get only as far as the near end of the router - not even
to the serial port.

Any help appreciated. Hopefully the above and below is enough info. Please
be aware that this was only set up over the weekend, so I could have easily
left out an obvious step (which would be my guess - if so please no flames!
Especially as I'm trying to do this "for real", and not using Tesstking or
whatever). Also, the IP addresses went in from some work ones (force of
habit) and thusly are not the standard public ones..

Thanks in advance,




Console pw = switch2

Port2 = W2K server (

Port1 = Router2


PW = cisco

E0 IP =

S0 IP =

telnet pw = router2


Pw = secret

E0 IP =

S0 IP =

Vt pw = toast (change to router1)



Port1 = W2K Prof workstation (

Port3 = Router1

Re: 640-801 Practical Question

Ahh... one more thing. Got these off ebay, so I used the password recovery
method to startme off. I assume this does clear everything?


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Re: 640-801 Practical Question

Paul Morris wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Change to public IP's first. Just to prevent possible routing problems.
If your internetconnection still fails, tell us on which machine your
internet is connected.. ( WS, server, bb-router etc...)


Re: 640-801 Practical Question

Make sure you don't have security software running somewhere that is
causing problems on the LAN.

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