2600XL - any new image?!?

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I have gotten a 2912 (2900XL) to use, but the image it came with, is using
the old "vlan database" set of commands, vs. the new IOS ones, thus making
it not really useful for learning specific vlan commands. The:

# show ver


System image file is "flash:c2900XL-c3h2s-mz-120.5-XU.bin"

I am not that familiar with Cisco's versions, but all I can say is that in
the 12.x area of their doownloads they only have images for a 2900XL-ATM
(whatever that is), while the "pure" 2900XL only seems to have images
available in the "Library" area (i.e. < 12.0).

Could anybody tell me if I could bring this 2912 to a newer version of
IOS, cappable of supporting the new set of commands for vlans?


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