2500 router and DHCP

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I have a PIX which is my dhcp server putting out on up
addresses. I also have a cisco 2500 with 2 eth ports. I need to forward
the dhcp addresses through my router. My PIX is setup and working
correctly, i can get on the internet and whatever if my PC is directly
connected to it. All i need is the configuration to put in my router so
it will forward the DHCP through it to my PC. Currently I have my WAN
into my PIX, PIX into eth0 ( 2500 ), eth1 into a catalyst switch, and
PC into switch.

Re: 2500 router and DHCP
What you need to use is the "ip helper-address" command.  On the
interface connecting to the PC issue the following interface

  ip helper-address <IP addr of DHCP server>

That ought to do the trick for you ...

Cisco da Gama

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