2.semester skill exam

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does anyone know what its like ? does someone have an example ?

thx in advance

Re: 2.semester skill exam
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I would have thought that you would have a fair idea of what to expect - our
students effectively start it from the first CCNA 2 lesson.

The CCNA 2 Skills Based Assessment we set at our academy essentially
requires the connection of 3 routers over serial links into a triangle,
their basic configuration; including console, aux, vty login & passwords;
hostnames, secret password, MOTD, interface config (ip addresses &
descriptions); static, dynamic and default routing; and a couple of ACLs.
We don't include IOS management or password recovery, but working out an IP
addressing scheme is included in the pre-lab.

Depending on time & equipt available students usually work in teams of two
or three and have 75 to 90 minutes to get it going.
Then (depending on how mean we feel or how good the students are) we may do
stuff to it - like remove one of the serial links and see if it all still
works;  the routing should re-converge of course, but if an ACL was put
outbound on an interface on that link that is now down .....
Students are allowed a sheet of handwritten notes.

I would suggest that you:
Go through the labs in the curriculum on real equipt.
Review the in-curriculum eLabs - not very realistic, but good for command
Packet Tracer v3.2 is a reasonable simulator for CCNA 2 material.


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