Wifi access point/router for business

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Hello. At work we have alot of consumer wifi AP and routers (acting as AP's) and
they work rather
poor. I have finally got through with my statement that consumer wifi solutions
are made for
families with 5 members and such and not 100+ students and 20 teachers/other

So now we are looking at replacing or supplementing our wifi ap's. We mostly
have Linksys WAP54G,
WRT54G and a couple of WRT300N.

The network, well. That's a sad story. Mostly made of cheap switches from a
local hardware (like in
hardware for cars, painting, computers, etc.) store, and cat5 wires outdoors
made for indoor use, so
it's far from professional. We do have one HP ProCurve 2510-48 Switch (J9020A)
as a main switch, but
that's the peak of the network's professionality :)

Well, onto the case. You have any suggestions for a wifi AP/router (acting as a
AP) that can handle
alot of users? It must have WPA 2 radius support (for the future) and the "new"
N standard
(300Mbit). It would also be good if it had good range, and it has to be
compatible with the existing
wifi AP's.

Any help would be appreciated.

Simen S. ya
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Re: Wifi access point/router for business
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Re: Wifi access point/router for business/classroom

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what do you mean -  they work rather poorly ?
is the wifi experience bad because.....
slow speed, coverage, disconnects, roaming,  what ?

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again - what is the perceived problem ?
which may not have anything to do with the AP hardware

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ok - again - what are the problems ?    errors, transfer rate, speeds, etc ?
Does the Procurve show any Ethernet errors when viewing the admin screen ?

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well - you'll probably get lots of wifi feedback from this group,
but without specific targets of what you have as current "problems",
it's hard to address what needs to be fixed..

What is the general overview of your situation - what does everyone access
? -
Internet vs local school servers vs off campus servers ?
Types of traffic - basic web, email, etc - vs video streams, classroom
learning, or VoIP ?
WAN connections ?  and inter-building connections ?
Speed of local Ethernet hardware ?

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