Structured Cabling Guide

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I have recently received an IT Infrastructure Guide which covers;
Cat5e, Cat6, Fibre & Wireless.

I got the guide off which is a cabling company
based in West Midlands, UK.

It is not sales based, but a non biased view.

If people would like a copy I am happy to forward it.

My email address is please put the
subject as IT Infrastructure Guide.

Pelase Post a reply it would be appreciated.

Many Thanks.


Please see the following Extract;

The IT Guide to selecting the right cabling intrastructure for maximum


A structured cabling system, the mostly hidden infrastructure of wires
and patch panels, forms the critical foundation of your local area
network (LAN).
Today more than ever, the quality and performance for your cabling
system plays a direct and measurable role on the performance and
reliability of your LANs and therefore, your corporate IT strategies.

The burden on the network continues to increase due to data intensive
applications, streaming video, multimedia, and rapid growth of the
number of users.
It is unlikely that the complexity of applications or the number of
users is going to decrease, so it can be presumed that the demands on
network cabling
will continue to increase as well.

Selecting the right media for a network is about predicting future
business needs and is as relevant to an IT Director as it is to a
consultant or installer. Anyone designing or managing these networks is
faced with the task of ensuring the system meets today's
requirements, while providing the foundation for future needs in the
most cost effective way.

In many cases, one of the major headaches faced by IT, facility or
operations managers when taking on the responsibility for their
company's cabling infrastructure is understanding which technology to
use for their networking needs. This guide will help you clarify the
confusion between the technologies
available. Furthermore, it provides independent authoritative advice
which will enable you to make the right choice and select the most
solution and performance for your organisations current and future
physical infrastructure needs. The guide also outlines the importance
of choosing the right installer to ensure the choices you make are
implemented to the highest standard.

Often overlooked, are the cost benefits attainable from LAN
infrastructure. Deploying the right infrastructure can bring
significant cost saving to the business. For example, running an old
unstable network not only causes severe headaches to the IT Manager,
through reoccurring faults and network
downtime, but can ultimately become a critical operational liability to
the entire business, through lost time and output. These savings can
further quantity' the direct Return of Investment (ROD from the
network LAN. To this end, this guide will enable Managers to select the
right infrastructure to meet the future needs of the business and
improve IT cost-efficiency.

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