need help with cable drop of 500 feet

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I realized that cat5e cable have a limit of 100 meter. What would be
the best solution if I need to do a cable drop of 500 feet?

Thanks in advance

Re: need help with cable drop of 500 feet

Steve wrote:

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A pair of fiber transceivers or Cisco Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) devices
will do for Ethernet connectivity. Fiber is obviously faster (and most
likely cheaper, too).

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Re: need help with cable drop of 500 feet

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There are reports of 10Mb ethernet running over distances greater than
100meters. I'm summarizing what has been said. I have no first hand

Wire loss seems to be the limiting factor and you want to buy wire
with the lowest possible DC resistance, ie the lowest gauge number.

You need devices at each end that have enough managability to have the
interface speed set to 10Mb/half duplex. (I don't know if the HD is

You can experiment with wire on the spool to see if the 10Mb works
with the hubs you've got before you pay to have the wire pulled.

If the reliability is important to you I recommend getting tested
spares for the hubs for the day you have problems and want to test by

If this is for use between buildings you should be using fiber instead
of copper.  That eliminates the distance limit but costs more.

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Re: need help with cable drop of 500 feet

Actually the best solution is to put in a midspan repeater, or use
fiber.  The cost of the fiber and media converters will be about the
same as a midspan repeater, and gets around the need for power for the

Re: need help with cable drop of 500 feet

Justin Time wrote:
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Yeah. Definitely go fiber if at all possible.

Re: need help with cable drop of 500 feet

Steve wrote:
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Understanding that any solution here is outside of TIA standards (for
the fiber guys, I'm assuming that this is considered a horizontal run
not a backbone, so by standards still needs to be under 100m)...but I
know from 1st person experience of a run that is nearly 650' that is
working just fine at 100mb full-duplex.  The install was done with OSP
rated Cat6 cable (as it does transition from a building to a temporary
trailer), Cat6 equipment at both ends.  If I remember right, it was
tested to Cat5e (as that was all that was required by the end user) and
only the length test failed, all others passed.
In the last couple months, I've seen a couple other way non-standard
things work far better than I expected (Cat3 cable punched to Cat5
equipment failing Cat5e NEXT by only 0.2db, 10base2 cable passing Cat5e
with ease and connecting at 100Mb f/d).  So I'm coming to the conclusion
that just about anything will work, it's just a matter of how far out of
spec you want to be.
Just to note, I'm a by-the-book-standards type of person.  I'll only
resort to these above mentioned things when absolutely no other option fits.


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