Finally! Structured Cabling Gets Its Own

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Finally!  Structured Cabling gets its own place in the blueprint world.
I got a chance to go over the blueprints for our latest bldg being
built, and it has several pages labeled SCS1.1, etc.  Up to now, the
telecom and datacom had been included in the electrical pages.  And I'm
happy to see that the architect had wording about conforming to EIA/TIA
568 and TSBs, etc.  Seems like it's been at least a decade since we got
a copy of the EIA 568 and associated stuff, so it's about time the
dufuses got with the program and did it right.  ;-)

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Re: Finally! Structured Cabling Gets Its Own

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Gee, you are lucky. I have 2 requests for clarification on 2 bids this last
week alone. The architects were kind enough to show the locations of station
outlets but no provisions for TC's! I am finishing a 60 drop job this week
that didn't provide adequate TC either. I ended up in a utility/laundry room
that is so small that I had to split the voice and data equipment to
opposite walls.

Not that I mind the split so much, I still like my voice on 66 blocks and
RJ11's. I just wish some of these architects would get with the show. Like
you said; It's been mainstream for at least a decade now...

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