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For info on a 1Gb Certifier that costs 775 checkout

Re: 1Gb Certifier

We looked at this, and initially were impressed, but a recent article
from Fluke swayed us away from it.

Of course Fluke being their competitor might be a bit biased, but they
pointed out that it does not do as many frequency "steps" as the Fluke

In short the article indicated that it was not a "True" certifier in
regards to EIA/TIA specs.

An exec for the company (Test-um) admired to this and said " It still
serves a purpose"

On 10 Mar 2005 04:17:04 -0800, tickcomms@aol.com (Phil) wrote:

>For info on a 1Gb Certifier that costs 775 checkout

Re: 1Gb Certifier

To get a better understanding of philosophy of the Validator testing
and how it does it. Check out:
(It is a bit heavy however I believe it is worth a read)

A copy of the Validator User Manual is also worth checking out at:


Re: 1Gb Certifier

I just bought one of these in america ...570  including delivery when it is
delivered I will be testing 500 cat5e points will tell you what i think

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