10BaseT over RG6 Coax

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I've switched my Internet service from Cox Cable to AT&T DSL and now
want to extend my local ethernet from my upstairs office to the living
room downstairs.  Rather than running a new Cat5 cable outside the
house, I see that the existing obsolete RG6 (75 ohm) Internet cable
runs *exactly* where I need to go.  Is there some kind of passive
transformer that will let me run 10BaseT over this?

I know that years ago Thinnet Ethernet was run over RG58 (50 ohm)
terminated by 10Base2 repeaters.  I'm not sure it makes sense to go
this route.  Even if I could use RG6 for this application (will it
work?), I think I'd rather run new outdoor Cat5 than buy a couple of
these repeaters and pay for the electricity they use 24 hours a day
for as long as I live in this house.

Re: 10BaseT over RG6 Coax
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Yes, there are some coax balun/hybrid solutions. Ie. see


But almost everybody would just do wifi between the two locations..

Power line networking or phone line networking stuff also exists.

Re: 10BaseT over RG6 Coax

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Thanks for the link to the ETS balun.

I'm already using a booster and longer antenna but the signal
downstairs is weak.  I think I'm going to have to either use the old
coax or install new outdoor Cat5.

BTW, if I have a good strong WiFi signal, will I be able to blast
through the noise created while the microwave oven is on and continue

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