WOW (WideOpenWest) Throttles P2P ?

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Hi, does anyone know or suspect their WOW-supplied cable modem (mine's
a Webstar DCX2100) of throttling (limiting) P2P download speeds?
There's a lot of chatter online about poor performance, for example 10
kbps top speeds even though I have WOW's 6 mbps service. I'm using a
Mac G5 and got a lot better speed when I had Comcast, though the
download test pages say my current speed is comparable to Comcast's.
Any ideas/workarounds/fixes?  Thanks!

Re: WOW (WideOpenWest) Throttles P2P ?

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Be aware that another possibility may be a firmware flaw in your
modem. Some Scientific Atlanta cable modems have buggy firmware that
cause the modem to wig out under heavy P2P usage.

The act of throttling P2P traffic is becoming more and more prevalent
among ISPs so even replacing your modem may not be a solution.
Furthermore, depending on the open-ness of your ISP you may hear
denials that they are throttling traffic even when in fact they are.

To make matters worse, devices are now on the market that analyze
traffic and can identify P2P traffic even if you use non-standard
ports. If your ISP has taken a very aggressive stance towards P2P your
only recourse may be to change ISPs if you insist on using P2P.

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Remember that when downloading in TCP/IP, acknowledgement packets must be
sent. If your upstream is also being used at the time, those acknowledgement
packets may be delayed, thus slowing your download speed as well. How does
your new upload speed compare to your old upload speed?

Warren H.

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Re: WOW (WideOpenWest) Throttles P2P ?

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Which P2P are  you using? If you are using Kazaa,
it supports use of a Socks 5 proxy. You could find
an open Socks 5 proxy server to desguise your
traffic, which is a good idea in this day and age,
with the RIAA going after P2P users. Just use
an open Socks 5 in another country, and that
should solve your problem.

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