Start Internet Explorer while booting, lose connection

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I have a cable modem and a wired/wireless router, with one computer
connected to the router by wire and one computer connected by wireless.
 Both are running Windows XP Home.  Lately, I've been losing my
Internet connection, and to get it back, I have to unplug the modem,
plug it back in, reset the router and then reboot the computer.  One
theory I have is that it happens if I start Internet Explorer too soon
after booting up the computer, presumably before the computer has
established the connection to the LAN.  Does that make sense?  Another
possibility is that it's a problem with the router.  Mine died a few
months ago, and I replaced it with an identical Linksys BEFW11S4.  This
problem may have started at that time.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Re: Start Internet Explorer while booting, lose connection wrote:

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I'd start by trying to isolate the failure.

When your connection fails, try loggin in to the webpage on your
router and see if all is well that far (try both computers).

If you can talk to your router, then try loggin into your modem's
web page and see if that goes as well.  Report any failures and
your modem model.

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