Ref. Help switching from dialup to cable

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my original inquiry.  Follow-up as

First, I was/am unable to use the rj-45 motherboard connections.  No idea

Bought the Motorola cable modem and a linksys Ethernet router. (Was willing
to go to expense of cables).
Nothing worked at first, so I tried the USB connection which came with the
router.  It worked, so I knew I was good with Comcast.

Finally found an old Ethernet LAN board (from another life??) and installed
in pc.  Hey, it worked great.  Went on and connected thru the router.  (Had
to go thru the setup sequence several times with the router before it
recognized the internet connection??) Still worked, so went out and got
another Ethernet LAN board for the second pc.

Cabled it to the router and we had simultaneous connection to internet.

All that remains is the laptop.  From what I find using Google, I will need
a RJ-45 Ethernet 10/100 USB 2.0 LAN adaptor for it.

Thanks again,

Re: Ref. Help switching from dialup to cable
Ace wrote:
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That's strange - maybe some config setting needed tweaking ?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

What models ?  Did you go wireless on the router for your laptop ?

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