Problems interconecting modem Dlink DCM-200 and Linksys router

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The problem is as follows:

I had 3 wired PCs connected on a Linksys non-wireless router (BEFSR41).
Everything was working well.

I bought a wireless router, also from Linksys (WRK54G), that is very
similar to the other one but that is wireless and I configured it
accordingly to the instructions without any problem.
There was trafic by cable (2 PCs) and by air (portable).

Later, I realize that there was something wrong. The connection was not
regular. I realize that the connection between the modem and the router
stops for 2 to 3 seconds (at least, the link led on the modem and the
internet led on the router go off at the same time) with no aparent
cause). It happens several times per minute.

It happens the same with no PC connected to the router (including
wireless PC). This means that it is not a PC configuration problem.

I already compared the configuration of the old and the new router and
they are, apart the wireless part, the same (the routers are very
similar, apart the wireless section).

I also check that the clone function for the mac address is active on
the router. I believe that the modem sees the right mac address.

I connect the old router and everything is ok.

Does somebody have a clue?

Thank you in advance.

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