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I just signed up for Comcast Cable internet service.  I am looking for
suggestions as to how to go about setting my access throughout the
house.  I am only going to be using the HSI for web browsing and email.

Currently, my cable modem is on the bottom floor of a 3 story house.
Every room (16 or so) has a wired data port in it already.  All of the
cables to each port are located in the same wiring closet as the cable
modem.  My thoughts are to purchase a 4 port router and hook it
directly to the cable modem.  Then I would hook the router to a 16 port
switch and plug each wired data port cable into the switch.  My
thinking is that this would give me HSI (wired) access in each room.

My next goal is to provide Wireless access to some areas of the house.
Can I just purchase Access Points and plug them into the wired data
ports in the rooms which I want wifi access?  I am somewhat new to all
of this, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

My next question is what brand router, switch, and access points would
you recommend?  I am not looking to break the bank here.  Again, I only
need basic functionality from the router as I will not be running any
sort of business nor needing access to my network from the outside.

Thank you all in advance.

Re: Networking Suggestions?

On 9 Mar 2006 09:03:45 -0800, wrote:

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So far, so good. BTW, with your house being fully wired, you're
already way ahead of most people's houses, I would think.

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An access point can usually serve more than one room, so think this
through before you buy a bunch of access points. Think about where the
rooms are, in relation to each other, and see if you can get away with
a single AP in the approximate center of the desired area. In my
experience, placing the AP in the approximate center of the highest
point works better than, for example, placing it in the basement. Also
keep in mind that having multiple AP's can lead to interference with
one another, so you'd need to intelligently manage the channels they
are on.

If you end up going with 2 AP's (because you've found that a single AP
isn't strong enough to serve your entire area), I would set them to
channels 1 and 11. With 3 AP's, you could use channels 1,6, and 11,
and so on, always spacing out your channel usage to the maximum extent
possible, then adjusting it further if you find that your 2.4GHz
cordless phone or your microwave or your neighbor's wireless network
is interfering. Most people probably find that a single AP provides a
strong enough signal to cover an entire house.

FWIW, I live in a normal subdivision made up entirely of single-family
homes, no apartments, and I can see 11 wireless networks belonging to
my neighbors, so a single AP is probably stronger than you think.

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I use Linksys wireless equipment here, and it's been rock solid
reliable. Netgear also consistently gets high marks from the regulars.

Re: Networking Suggestions? wrote:
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Get a wireless router. If your house layout is a winner, you may not
need anything else. But if so then you can get one or more access points
to extend coverage. (Wireless routers tend to cost as little or less
than wired only as a part of the various promos at Circuit City, Best
Buy, etc...
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I personally like Netgear. Their WGR614 is $40 at circuit city just now.
Others like Linksys. Most of the folks here seem to not like SMC, DLink,
Belkin, etc...

If you buy look for a current version. Best Buy, CompUSA, Circuit City
all sell the latest and greatest. Tiger Direct tends to sell older
versions which is why their prices are so low.

Re: Networking Suggestions?

Thank you to all who have replied.  I would start with Wirelss only, if
my entire house wasn't already wired with data ports in each room.  The
layout (16 rooms on 3 floors, 10,000 square feet) is not ideal for
wireless.  I purchased a Netgear FS524 24 port switch and a Netgear 4
port router, along with a Netgear WPN802 MIMO Rangemax Access Point.
I'll be installing it this weekend, and will let you all know how it
works out.

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