My Cable Modem Is Going VERY Slow

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For the past few months my cable modem has been going very slow.  When
I'm downloading something in my browser it will start at a decent speed
and get slower until it gets to about 10kb/sec.  What is wrong?  The
speed tests show that my connection is fast.  My friend has the same
exact thing that I have and his goes at least 10 times faster.

Re: My Cable Modem Is Going VERY Slow

On 3 Mar 2006 22:31:10 -0800, wrote:

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Are you seeing that everywhere or on just one or two particular sites.
Remember that there are variables that go into speed determination.
For example, if you're doing activity on a site that has limited
bandwidth and a lot of others are trying to FTP a file or do something
else bandwidth intensive, your speed will go down -- not because your
provider's giving you less, but because the site you're using has

If your friend isn't exactly replicating the same download that you
are, then that comparison isn't valid. Even then, if you're not on the
exact same provider in the same town, it's not really valid either,
because your data requests will take different paths.

Re: My Cable Modem Is Going VERY Slow

On 3 Mar 2006 22:31:10 -0800, wrote:
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Too many variable in your post with no data to guess with.

You need to try to find a stable test. For instance, it is not your
modem if speed is different at different times of day or different
speeds from different sites. This assumes good signal levels at your modem.

Get out and ask a neighbor on the same cable string about thier
speeds. Same speeds from same test site, problem is up line from you.

Could be malware running on your Win2000 os.

I would download a Knoppix iso and burn/boot from it.
That is a live linux cd which only runs from the cd.
That would let you run a broadbandreports speed test and rule out
anything running under windows but using the same hardware.

Get a speed feel from one or two test nodes at different times of day.

Now that brings you to congestion on the web and/or in your cable segment.

You can run tracert to different nodes to see if there are any
common slow nodes in your path to different node.

Now if your friend is on and you both are using the same
speed test node at the same time, and friend is not on the same cable
segment, and his speed is still much faster, then you know charter has the
problem with your cable segment being overloaded or problem is upline
but after wherever your friend is connected on

Re: My Cable Modem Is Going VERY Slow

could be a few things
the site may have limited speed you are downloading from
if you are running Norton it could do this
try rebooting your modem, just unplug it for about 30 seconds then plug it
back in
you could be on an overcrowded node
and call your cable company tell them about your problem
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