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Hi all, 4give my ignorance here, but if my friend, who is on 1Mb band modem,
can download a file at say 100K then howcome I, on a mere 300K Modem, cant
get the same file at anywhere near that speed, probably 40K tops. I would
have thought if its available at that speed for him, then i should get it
also ?
Digressing slightly, if I connect 2 cable modems to the same line, and to my
computer, if thats possible, will I get twice the bandwidth ?

Re: download speeds

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The 1MB (downstream) connection speed is in bits, whereas actual download
speed of (downloading files, for example) is shown in bytes.  Thus, your
download should be about 1/8th your connection speed.  A good estimate used
is 1/10th, as it's easier to move a decimal than it is to divide by eight.
Another thing you need to be aware of is that download speed is affected by
many variables such as local traffic (your bandwidth is shared with all your
neighbors), server speed (some FTP and web servers are slow) and your
connection to whatever server you are downloading from (is it in the next
county or the next continent?).

Both you and your friend are downloading files about as fast as possible,
for your downstream connection speed.  Theoretically, your friend should be
downloading about 100K, and you should be downloading about 30K.  You're
actually doing better than that, which is not unusual.  (Download speeds
vary, and can actually be faster than theoretically possible)

Yes, 2 cable modems is possible.  Yes, you will get twice the bandwidth.
But it won't help you.  Each cable modem would be serving a different
computer.  In other words, if you are currently sharing one cable modem
(through a router, for example) with multiple PCs, then you might be able to
speed up your Internet connection for a SECOND PC by hooking up another
cable modem.  For the same PC, you will notice no increase in download or
upload speed, as the packets will be served by one cable modem or the other,
not both.  -Dave

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