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I do computer work out of my home.  Recently any new computers added to
the network (primarily done for patching Windows re-installs) cannot
utilize Comcast; I only get a "Welcome to Comcast Highspeed" page and a
link to get the "downloadable_install_wizard.exe" file which is at
http://cdn/downloadable_install_wizard.exe; This is not a valid url so
I never get onto the net.  Comcast states that the cache on the Netgear
MR814 needs to be cleared...don't think it was keep stuff in cache and
since I am able to get out on my regular machine, I am having trouble
swallowing this answer.  Pulled plug on 814 trying to let it clear but
got same result.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Re: Comcast issue wrote:
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Power down both modem and router.  After 15 sec, power up the modem,
wait until its light stabilize, then power up the router.  This clears
the MAC address cache in the **MODEM** and allows the router to be the
connected computer.  With the router, this only needs to be done once.
You do have a valid Comcast HSI account?


Re: Comcast issue

Spoke to comcast who had recommended the same thing.  Appararently they
were right.  After I decided to static apply a new ip to one of the
computers with the issue, internet works fine.  DHCP assigned new ip's

Re: Comcast issue

On 19 Jul 2005 10:12:08 -0700, wrote:

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I didn't notice whether you're using a router, but in case you're not,
please don't assign a static IP address to any PC's. The Comcast DHCP
servers will be unaware that you've done so, and will assign that same
IP to someone else.

By far,the easiest thing to do is to connect a router to your cable
modem. Then you can add and remove PC's from the LAN side of the
router all day long and each of them will have immediate, full, access
to the Internet. No rebooting cable modem, etc.


Re: Comcast issue wrote:
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Sounds like your MR814 isn't connected correctly.  Make sure your cable
modem is connected to the router's Internet (WAN) port nearest the
antenna and not one of the four local (LAN) ports.

-Larry Jones

In a minute, you and I are going to settle this out of doors. -- Calvin

Re: Comcast issue

On 19 Jul 2005 07:32:24 -0700 wrote:

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'cdn' is a local nickname for the download site.  In my case it expands
to  This expanded name along with
the numerical internet address is displayed when you type

  ping cdn

at a command prompt.  I would be curious to know what your expanded
address is, or what part of the country you are in.

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