Comcast Continues To Interupt, Again!

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Well it appears I spoke too soon.  Comcast, in Macomb County Michigan area,
continues to interrupt their cable modem service on a daily basis!
Sometimes several times a day.  Usually the interruptions are short lived,
but they are still a pain.  I've pulled the plug on my cable modems power
supply so many times, I'm surprised it hasn't worn out.  It seem they must
be re-booting their servers when ever they want to try something out.
Either that, or they have a disgruntled employee just playing with it!

It's not on my end, as all my neighbors, and many friends in other nearby
areas are experiencing the same interruptions.  Time to start a log, and
request a pro-rated credit to my account.  I only wished I had done so a lot
sooner.  This has been going on for several months now.

Re: Comcast Continues To Interupt, Again!

Bill Crocker wrote:

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Perhaps they're doing some work on the network, that causes the intermittent

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Are you sure it's not a grunteled employee?  ;-)

Incidentally, I recently experienced some intermittent failures of my cable
connection.  It appears that a connector, leading to my condo, failed after
12 years.

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