Comcast 20 megabits?

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When did Comcast go to 20 megabits plus on their residential service? I  
always thought those kinds of speeds were only avaialble on their Business  
Class service.

The 10-watt USB adapter I have on my laptop connects to whatever unsecured  
wireless it can find, and at one Fish and Chips shop on Stockton Blvd in  
Sacramento, my laptop uses on Comcast residential connection running an open  
WiFi. I was surprised to find that Comcast residential service has 20  
megabit speeds. I have always thought you had to get the more expensive  
business class service if you wantd that kind of speed. Speedtest shows the  
connection speed at about 20 megabits.

The software driver for my USB adaper looks for and connects to whatever  
open WiFi it can find.

And I always thought that runnng open WiFi was verboten on Comcast  
residential services.  

Re: Comcast 20 megabits?
On Wed, 29 Apr 2015 13:19:59 -0700, Fritz Owl wrote:
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When they were seeing customers jumping over to Verizon FiOS to get
faster speeds.  Here in Dallas Texas, Comcast/RoadRunner Extreme
package is 30/5 for $78.  

I jumped back to Comcast because the 25/25 FiOS went to $87 a month and
Comcast gave me one year $55/mo price. Thinking about going back to FiOS
because Verizion has offered me $30+tax a month for two years.

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Running open WiFi or services to the public is a no no on any
residential service for either ISP.

Re: Comcast 20 megabits?
On Wed, 29 Apr 2015 22:26:11 +0000 (UTC), Bit Twister

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Down in the Austin & San Antonio areas, there's been reporting that TWC is
upgrading everyone on the 50Mbps plan to 200Mbps at no extra charge, which
is mostly seen as a proactive move to keep people from defecting to Google's
gigabit service when it gets there. Competition seems to be a good thing.

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I know of no ISP that forbids running open WiFi. It's a bad idea for
multiple reasons, but not forbidden.


Re: Comcast 20 megabits?
*-* On Wed, 29 Apr 2015, at 13:19:59 -0700,
*-* Fritz Owl wrote
*-* About Comcast 20 megabits?

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     Boy, are you behind the times!!!!! ;-)  Comcast has had
residential speeds up to 105 Megabits for a few years now.

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     Are you sure that it was residential, and not one of the WiFi
"Hot Spots" that Comcast itself operates, "piggy-backed" on the combo
modem/routers they supply to their customers?

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