Chicagoland, 9-10 Mb? :)

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Hey, out  in westmont, il. Noticed new speeds after rebooting the modem. :)
just a heads up. ;696257;2d48c19717873591c829bc4ce6bfb8ca;2.0;

Btw, i redid my tweaks to get these speeds. Before i was only getting about
8000/760. My new tweaks are:

Anybody else??

Re: Chicagoland, 9-10 Mb? :)

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  Still roughly 4400/384 here in Schaumburg. I read that Comcast is
increasing speeds by 2Mbit for downloads (to 6 for standard and 8 for
premium.) I don't know how you got 10, unless there was a glitch
someplace and your modem got the wrong information.

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Re: Chicagoland, 9-10 Mb? :)

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Im not the only one too.,13872353~start=200

There are others too. All getting around the same speed.

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