Charter Communications -- mind control

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I guess they use their microwave dishes and satellites for mind
control.  The employees install surveillance devices when possible and
are the mind controllers of school children in the underground of the
communities they live in.

I was married to a man for 18 years and we had a child together.  It
was a fake relationship set up by the Marines* (he was trained in the
use of the government's demonic weapons.)  His work as a cable manager
was a cover life.

The U.S. military went exclusively demonic after the Kennedy
assassination.  My father was part of the planning and cover-up for the
assassination and was friends with George Herbert Walker Bush, who was
also part of the assassination.

Please see:

"Harry E. Landsberg, Jr. -- resemblance to man in photo with Specter"

"George Herbert Walker Bush"

"Study of Evil -- a World Reappraised" /


For the names of the friends of Richard Hanning, Jr. (the dick they
forced me to fuck for 18 years) at Charter Communications who are also
mind controllers, please see:

"Richard's friends and fellow mind controllers at Charter (Fond du

Charter's vendors are also mind control device manufacturers.  For a
list of names, please see:

"Vendors (Charter)"


If you are a doctor or veterinarian under the age of 60 you were
probably traumatized by my legal mother in satanic rituals.  Please

"Donna Landsberg -- photos"


*All Marines are latent homosexuals -- he preferred to fuck me
doggie-style.  His Mommy is part of a Navy operation against God,
torturing infants.  He ass-fucked her here in the astral plane to help
resolve his potty-training issues.  Her name is Leita Faye Engels
(Admiral.)  She worked for the phone company (Bell South) in her cover

These people also run drugs and traffic in children for money (with the
protection of the government.)


Laura Landsberg
305 Linden St., Apt. B
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
(920) 922-2599

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