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I have cableVision and optimum online internet access. I have been
using the service for 1 year now and have experienced few problems.
However recently my intenet service broke. I called Cablevision and
they very promplty (which is nice) sent out a person to check things
out. My wife mentioned that she saw some guys on the pole outside our
hose before the service went down.

The guy comes in fixes someting at the pole, and then disconnects my
Electroline Drop amp and puts in a splitter. He says that the Amp is
causing the problems. The Amp is an Electroline EDA-FT08100 drop amp.
This has a zero path return path and is bi-directional.

Is the cable guy right? I have been using the Cable TV amp for over a
year, and things were working fine. The Amp is not over heating or
anything. What could have changed? I reconnected the AMP and did not
use the splitter everything still worked. However I went back to using
the splitter following the advice of the cable TV guy. Was his advice

Best, Mike.

Re: CableVision Optimum On Line wrote:

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Just my 2 :

If your modem has good power levels without the amp, why would you bother ?
Are you getting good power numbers on your modem RF page ?

You can always leave the modem directly connected to the splitter and use
the amp on the TV-only side of your splitter to handle your TV sets if
you feel the need.

Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

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Cable guys don't always know the problem. A lot of them don't even know
about active return amplifiers, they are just taught that amp with a cable
modem is bad and you must use a splitter before the amp for the modem (which
is correct for passive return amps).

If it works with the amp then leave it on, it won't hurt anything (unless
you're over amplifying the signal into the modem).

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Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

I have had cablevision since it was availble, first for tv, then for
internet and just recently added the telephone service.  I've had a
pretty good experience with them but each time I added a service I made
sure I was home to talk to the technician.  For each change they checked
the signal level at the pole, then where it enteres the house, then at
the outputs of the splitter and at the device(tv, cable modem).  In my
discussions with them, they basically said that they always try the
simplest hookup with one splitter, going to another only if needed to
feed other rooms etc.  I asked about amplifiers--they said only if
needed(meaning weak signal or other performance problems).  Since my
signal levels are good(according to them) and I have very nice tv
reception and great broadband speed(and no telephone problems), I don't
have an amplifier.  But everyone's hookup is different and as they told
me--if I have problems, they will come back and do whatever's needed to
resolve the problem.

Ken wrote:
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Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

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Hmm... I've had an on going issue with Optimum on-line since Nov. of 2004!
They have yet to address it.  I was on the phone just last week, after I
recinded payment to them again, and was promised the world.  So far, all
I got was several $100s poorer and no resolution.

Verizon, hurry and get that fibre run.

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Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

Since most of the people in my area use cablevision, I've heard a wide
range of experiences ranging from good(like mine) to really bad(from a
close friend two weeks ago).  My feeling is that it depends on the tech
that appears at your house--I guess I've been lucky.  Verizon finished
installing their FIOS system in my neighbood in January but they can
only offer phone and broadband internet service (no tv until they go
through the franchise process with the town).  A few people in my
neighborhood have switched just for phone and internet(you can see the
signs from Verizon on their lawns).  The only feedback I got was that it
works fine--no one said that it is better than what they had (cablevision).

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Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006 09:51:18 -0500, "Kenneth J. Harris"

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I personally think the big differentiator between Cablevision and the
other companies is that the quality of their tech staff is in many
cases significantly worse than what you'll see with Time Warner or

I've had services with all 3, and have never had as much trouble as I
have had with Cablevision. In one case, I was without Internet service
for about a week because someone splitting my node made a mistake that
took all advanced services (e.g. video-on-demand, Optimum Online and
digital phone) out for everybody in my area.

It seems as if the inside technicians are as good as anybody's, but
the people maintaining their physical plant aren't really up to snuff.
I am very happy currently with the service, but the interruptions I've
weathered are inexcusable in this day and age. I sincerely hope one
day soon they'll sell out to a company like Time Warner that knows how
to run a network.
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Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

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Inside technicians?  Please explain.  If you mean the dweebs on the
phone that tell you to reboot, reboot, reboot and repeat, that isn't
what I would consider quality support/service.

And this is not just linked to their internet service.  In October of
2004 my wife and I were on the road for over a week following a band
from gig to gig photographing them.  When we returned home, we had no
TV service.  The old "analog" boxes were turned off.  When I called,
I was told that we were sent a letter informing us to turn them in and
get the newer digital boxes.  I had never received such a letter and,
as far as I am concerned, turning off the boxes was not necessary --
just a way to coerce certain customers to upgrade to their more ex-
pensive services.  We have friends in another section of our town and
they are still, to this day, on the old analog boxes.  Anyhow, I drop-
ped off the analog boxes and three days later CV shipped three of the
new boxes.  I installed them and the two month long comedy of errors

These boxes required that they send an enabling signal to the boxes
to turn them on.  Well, after about three days, they couldn't get my
boxes to turn on.  I actually had one of CV's finest tell me that I
was too stupid to have hooked up these boxes correctly.  FWIW, I did
a post-graduate in electronic engineering.  I'm fairly certain that
I can install lead in and out and plug the unit into the wall outlet
without requiring a Ph.D.

I was so frustrated with them that I took the boxes to their office
in Lakewood and threw them in through the door.  

I then requested a "technician" to come out and install these boxes.
It was also requisite to have a CV technician install the box if you
had a HD-TV and required the HD box.  Duh... it's even more difficult
to connect the lead in and the DVI cable and plug in unit in the wall.

A technician was finally dispatched -- on a Saturday, only three days
after he was supposed to show.  I can't fault the technician for this
as he's only going where directed.  The problem was that I had other
plans for the day.  Anyway, he installed 4 boxes but two did not work
(just like the boxes I had tried to install).  The problem seemed to
be that CV ships their boxes with the credit card sized smart-card in
the slot and the readers or the cards get damaged in shipment.  Any-
way, the tech. left with two boxes functional and two not.  We had TV
for the first time in over 3 weeks... for a whole day.

Because he did not complete the installation of 4 boxes, CV sent down
codes to disable the two boxes which were installed.  This happened
while I was on the road the next day.  My wife call me to tell me that
the boxes had stopped working.  I called CV and after about an hour of
trying to get through to a competent, I was told that they had to turn
off the boxes because the installation was not compete.  

So... I took yet another set of boxes to Lakewood and threw them in
through the door.

This shit went on for another month.  FINALLY, we wound up with four
fuctional boxes.  Actually, one of the techs that came into my house
saw my computer room and was amazed that CV personel would say that
I was not capable of hooking these boxes up myself.

Strangely enough, CV had the audacity to BILL me for 2 month of TV!
Not only did they bill for the 2 month but they doubled the bill as
they somehow had my other boxes/service still listed.  It took me 2
more months and a call to the state utility commission to get all of
this corrected.

This experience has soured me to anyone's opinion that CV is anything
but a group of completely incompetent fuckwits.

FWIW, it was in this same period that the internet service problem
began (Nov. 2004).  They still have not addressed the issue despite
my perpetual emails and calls to their support.

Verizon fibre optic service, please save me.

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Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

On 03/24/06 11:49 am VAXman- @SendSpamHere.ORG wrote:

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When we lived on Long Island we had CV for both TV and Internet. Just
before we moved. I turned in our boxes and canceled our service, but we
still (2 1/2 years later) get email that is addressed to our old addresses, even though we now connect to the 'Net via
Charter. If I go to the OOL Web page I can even still log in and send
mail from my OOL account.

I can't say I'm complaining about that (except that most of what goes to
the OOL mailbox is Spam!, with just the occasional message from friends
who don't seem to know how to change my address in their address books),
but it does seem to indicate a major inefficiency or incompetence somewhere.

Other than one OOL outage of 24hrs or more, the service was mostly
trouble free. I do miss OOL's 10MBps download speed; the best Charter
offers is 3MBps.

One of our then neighbors did try the Optimum Telephone service (NOT
VOIP) but dumped it after a short while.


Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 15:57:33 -0500, "Percival P. Cassidy"

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I have Optimum Voice and have no problems with it whatsoever, as long
as there's no problem with my connection. They've never offered
anything else but Optimum Voice as far as telephone service, as far as
I know. And it IS VOIP.

Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

On 03/24/06 05:34 pm Cyrus Afzali wrote:

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My understanding is that the old "Optimum Telephone" (5 or more years
ago; I am sure it was not called "Optimum Voice" at that time, and I
don't think one even needed OOL to have OT) was NOT VOIP.

Our neighbor's phone service went out, and he called from another
neighbor's house, only to be told that the only way to get assistance
with OT was to call from his own OT number. He told them what they could
do with their phone service and switched back to Bell Atlantic or
Verizon (or whatever it was called at the time).


Re: CableVision Optimum On Line

On Fri, 24 Mar 2006 16:49:57 GMT, VAXman-  @SendSpamHere.ORG wrote:

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I'm talking about the techs who actually come into your house and are
the first people dispatched when you have a problem. Under
Cablevision's policies, one of those guys has to come out anytime you
report a new problem, even if you suspect the problem is a network
related one that has nothing to do with wiring at your premise.
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Well, I wouldn't disagree with you there. What you need to do is
organize a letter-writing campaign to your town or village or whoever
is your franchising authority and tell them about the problems. If
enough people raise hell about their poor service, a better company
that knows how to run a network might be given the franchise.
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If Verizon runs this like everything else, they'll charge out the you
know what to get you up and running. They DO know how to run a
network, though.

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