x10 Yard lighting rnnng cable question

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I am building a retaining wall and a 2 tier garden system, within the
retaining wall I will be istalling 240V Brick lighth approx 22 lights in
total connected to 3 different X10 Relay Receiver (DIN Mounted)
AD10, these DIN devices will be installed into a IP-66 rated weather proof
distribution board that will be connected to my mains box.

I do have a problem thought I have to run underground conduit under a
pathway, the local rules require a minimum depth for the conduit of 50cm and
I am in the process of digging the trenches at the moment. Is there any
suggestions from the gurus out there of how to get underneath the path
without breaking it ? I was thinking of using a metal tube or a wooden steak
to hollow out the ground but if there is an easier way I would love to hear

Thanks for that help

Re: x10 Yard lighting rnnng cable question

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I've done it with a length of PVC pipe and the male part of a hose repair
kit.  Insert the threaded part of the kit into the end of a length of PVC
pipe.  Thread the garden hose into the other end.  Use the water pressure
and a some 'gouging' motion to push the pipe under the walkway.  The hassle
with this is you'll need to dig a trench perpendicular to the pathway that's
deep enough to allow pushing the pipe.  On the other side you need only dig
a hole down to the point it'll come out.  One you've made it under the
walkway you can unthread the nozzle and hose, cut the pipe to length and
leave it underground.  I've done this on several paths (one up to 11'
across) and while it's messy it does work quite well.

-Bill Kearney

Re: x10 Yard lighting rnnng cable question

Although messy, I have used a garden hose with high pressure nozzle. Use the
hose in conbination with a pipe to push hose under path.

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Re: x10 Yard lighting rnnng cable question

yep, that's what the dude I hired did when I needed to run irrigation pipe
under the sidewalk. He had a special pipe/nozzle though.  You could check an
irrigation equipment store.

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