X10 Garage door open/close ?

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I was wondering if anyone had a novel approach on how to open/close a garage

With a SINGLE Power Flash I can either Change the state blind  or with a
floor switch either open it or close it only.

To Open it on command (and not close it by mistake) and also close it (and
not open it) takes TWO powerflash modules, a relay (and supply) and a switch
and two X10 addresses (one open one close)

Does anyone have a simpler or canned solution ?

Bob Sisson

Re: X10 Garage door open/close ?

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With two power flashes and a form "C" sensor, using the same method as you
already know only extending it, you can have one X10
signal for Door Open and another for Door Close.  You don't really need a relay
as long as the sensor's contacts are rated for the
whatever current the opener's input uses.

You might want to consider adding a second safety photo sensor, a few inches
higher than your car's rear bumper to prevent
accidentally closing it onto your trunk if you're not meticulous about pulling
the car all the way in each time (been there,
scratched that).


Robert L Bass

Bass Home Electronics
4883 Fallcrest Circle
Sarasota Florida 34233

Re: X10 Garage door open/close ?

Bob Sisson wrote:
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Actually, we had to design a more reliable means of opening a gate
controller (than X-10) and wound up using the 4204 relay module for an
Ademco Vista series panel (Vista 50).  Not only will the four button
keyfob open the gate it also allows him to turn on certain exterior
lights and open his garage door.  We installed custom graphic LED
annunciator panels in four locations in the house that display open
doors and windows as well as the status of the dead bolt locks on all
the exterior doors and the status of the main gate and garage doors
(whether they're "open" or "closed").  The system's been up and running
for five years.  I've only recently sent him the specs on the Elk
M1-Gold.  I figure he's a "prime candidate" for an upgrade.  :-)

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