Window shade drawstrings.

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I have 3 shades in my room. The kind that you pull down, and when you want
to raise them,
you have to pull them down a bit, and then ease them back up. They don't
have any strings
on them. Are there strings that you can clip on to them? Where can I buy
them? The longer
the better, as I am in a wheelchair. Thanks in advance.

Patrick D. Rockwell

Re: Window shade drawstrings.

On 8/11/2005 2:08 AM US(ET), Patrick D. Rockwell took fingers to keys,
and typed the following:

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I don't have any roll-up shades in my house and haven't checked them out
in a long while, but they used to have a cord attached in the center of
the wood stiffener at the bottom of the shade. There was a pull ring
attached to the bottom of the cord. If there is a wood stiffener at the
bottom of the shade, how about drilling a hole in the center and
attaching your own cord and pull ring?


Re: Window shade drawstrings.

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If they are like mine, they have a hollow piece of rectangular plastic
tubing where older shades had a wooden slat. The plastic would probably need
to be replaced with wood before implementing your suggestion.

The OP might also ask in comp.home.automation which is far more active.
There are some manufacturers of automated shades but the cost will certainly
be higher than a pull cord.

Re: Window shade drawstrings.

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Yes you can buy them.

They don't normally clip on.  They utilize a small screw with a large
plastic cap (3/8").  You simply locate the exact middle of the shade and
screw it into the wood rail that is inside the bottom of the shade. There is
a string that wraps around the loop, hangs down and terminates in a circle.

They usually extend the length of the shade by about 8". I have never seen
more than the one size,  but you could always extend it with a piece of
string if appearance isn't important.

K-mart used to stock them and sell them for about $1 per shade with the
higbee included .  Lowes or HD may have them.

Here is a link to a picture of them. This price seems a little high to me:

Another option for you to consider if money is not a concern is motorized
cellular shades which can be raised or lowered with a remote control.  The
batteries in the battery version last about a year of normal use.


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