Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) and retailer

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I'm looking for recommendations as to who makes a good quality
CCTV/video camera for out-door use.

I'm putting these under the eves of my house (so no direct exposure to
rain) but they will experience summer heat (up to 90f), winter cold
(down to -20f), as well as lens condensation and fogging (I suppose).

Will hook them up using RG-6 coax (BNC or F connector).  

I notice all sorts of different types of cameras, some with IR lights,
large, small, etc.  Would like something that's not particularly
large, yet has high resolution (and color).

Sometimes what you end up buying depends on where you shop - and
although I suppose I could buy from US mail-order, I would do so only
if a Canadian retailer didn't have the camera I really wanted.  So I'm
also looking for a good place to buy from in Canada.

Thanks - and please post responses here (e-mail won't work).

Re: Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) and retailer

With that temprature range, you will be looking at a heated external
houseing, so you will be able to use just about any camera  and lens that
you want.  Try looking at the dennard 506 houseing at


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Re: Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) and retailer

Thanks for the replys.

Here are a few more points as to what I'm looking for:

- top mounting screw or base (ie ceiling mountable)
- Dome-style not required (or desired)
- PZT not needed (which is a whole other ball game)
- additional mounting complexity, compatability, and visibility of
  an outdoor housing chasis is not desired (would go to a
  bullet-cam style camera instead of a camera that needed
  an out-door housing).
- The Powertech camera (below) and KG-230EX are interesting but
  I wonder about the quality of the optics.

In general I prefer the "form factor" of the box-style camera (as in
most of the cameras listed below) but I'm unsure if their housing is
suitable for outdoor use (ie mounted, say, 6" under an eve with a 2
foot overhang).  I don't think that the occasional -20f night (which
we had quite a few of this past winter) is necessarily something these
camera's can't handle.  I think more of an issue is condensation or
fogging on (or in?) the lens assembly

I've done a quick search and have put together a (more or less) random
list of cameras that is representative of what I'm looking for.  Any
direct experience with these items is what I'm looking for, or
anything similar (again for protected out-door use).

Panasonic WV-CP244 ($209)
($162 at )
This is the sort of camera I had in mind (probably the upper end of
the price range I had in mind too).

PANASONIC:   WV-CP484 SERIES ($376.00)

PANASONIC:   WV-CP254H  ($299)




Panasonic WV-CP470 Fixed Day/Night Camera ($487)
This camera is probably a little more than I want to spend, but it's
got some interesting features.

Sony SSC-DC374 High Resolution Color Camera ($205)
Again here's an affordable camera - but like others in this style I
see a cable running from the camera body to the lens.  Is this some
sort of motorized zoom or focus?  And if so, I assume there will be
low temerature concerns with the operation of the motorized function?

Sony SSC-DC193 Fixed Color Camera ($210)

KG-230EX Weatherproof Color 0.05 LUX Moonlight Camera ($180)

Robert Green wrote:

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Nice, but I think I would go with the SPECO TECH CVC-870EX H.E.A.T.
Color Bullet Camera.

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Yea, but how do I simulate a rainy November or April day in Ontario?

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Yes, I don't exactly want my house to look like most of the UK does
with cameras everywhere.

Re: Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) and retailer

also check out for more ideas.

By the way, the CVC-637EX use to be a low light Day Night camera, but
they have now changed it to just a normal high res color camera, even
though it says Day Night still on the box, juist so you know, we
ordered 20 of them and even Speco told us they changed it, but then why
they didnt change the box and specs online ..? It is still a decent
camera, but only for day time or areas where there is alot of light. i
wouldnt take my chances on any of the EX models also. The CVC-7706DNV
is a true day night camera though with a mech filter, it is their best
model, check it out.

Also check out the WizKid Dome and Bullet camera models, they are
literally unbreakable and not that expensive.

Re: Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) and retailer

I see that some of these cameras (specifically some of the bullet or
torpedo type) claim to be "varifocal".

A specific example is the CVC-7706DNV:

Note the link "how to adjust the verifocal lens" :

It's really a focus adjustment.

I believe a true varifocal lens is a lens that changes it's focus when
the focal length is changed.  Which means the lens must be some sort
of zoom lens.  So does the CVC-7706DNV (or any other "varifocal"
camera) have some sort of external ring or control that allows you to
change it's focal length (ie zoom in or out) ???

Re: Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) and retailer

A varifocal lens allows you change the focal length between set ranges IE
3.5-8mm or 5-50mm etc, it doesn't hold the focus when adjusting the focal
length. A zoom lens when correctly set up will hold its focus throughout its
entire range.

I don't know about the camera in question but a varifocal lens will have two
adjustment rings, one to adjust the field of view or focal length and the
other to adjust the focus, both will need to be adjusted at the same time,
normally in opposite directions, in order to maintain focus at the desired
focal length. If its a manual varifocal lens then there will be a third ring
to adjust the iris, a bullet or board camera manual varifocal lens probably
won't have an iris adjustment ring.

The varifocal bullet & board cameras that I have seen with varifocal lens
have had these two rings.

Doug L


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Re: Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) andretailer

Video Guy wrote:
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We use the AXIS LAN cameras for indoor and outdoor use.  We are in
Albuquerque, NM, where our winters do not get too severe; however, our
summers get guite warm.  If you go to:


your will get a demo system we have on-line.  The password is
"acasdemo".  Once you gain access go to on-line system click and hold
down the left hand mouse button and move to "cameras". Wait awhile until
mozilla pops up and select "Real Time Display".  Cam one is an AXIS
camera mounted under an eave, and you can judge for yourself if the
quality is what you are looking for.  This camera has been operational
for five years with no apparent degradation.  If you click on the image
you will get a larger display of the camera output.

I should point out that all you would need to connect the camera would
be a standard cat-5 twisted cable (LAN).  Co-ax cables are not required.
  You will also need to get voltage to the camera.  We use regular 18AWG
wires for voltage.  Note that you can also build your own DVR into the
computer system which connects to the camera.  Just go the the archives
to get pictures of the past activities.

Good luck.

Celso Lujan, Lujan Software Services, Inc.

Re: Recomendations wanted for outdoor video camera (make/model) and retailer

you are using vnc to get on a computer then view the video ... thats
ass backwards ..

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