NAPCO GEM-3200 (OLD 1st Generation Panel) Home Automation Firmware Compatability

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I have a very old NAPCO GEM-3200 panel with "V10A" and can not do Home
Automation. I bought the GEM-AUTOMATION kit and came with "V40C". "V40C" does
not work in my very old GEM-3200 panel. I think the version "V11D HA" wll work
but can not find it available. I do see version "V11E" available but do not know
if it will do home automation. Does anyone know if "V11E" will work in my VERY
OLD NAPCO GEM-3200 panel that has "V10A" to be able to use the RS-232 to control
system or PC?

I am willing to trade the newer home automation chip "V40C" for either "V11D" or
"V11E" (if "V11E" can do the home automation control like the "V11D HA" does.

Thanks from REH

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