low voltage x-10 receiver?

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I am looking for an x-10 RF receiver that will run on 12vdc, so I can
control a battery operated device with an x-10 RF transmitter. I haven't
been able to locate such a device. I would be open to hacking existing
receivers if someone can point me to or send me some info. Otherwise I
will attempt the hack myself, but I would prefer to save time without
reinventing the wheel.


Re: low voltage x-10 receiver?

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I'm almost sure that such a device _does_not_exist.

X-10 'control' signalling is sent over 120v AC wiring.  so there is no need
for anything powered from DC.

You're better off 'forgetting' that it is an "X-10" transmitter, and brewing
up (from scratch) a  reciever that will trigger a relay on receipt of the
magic command.   For simplicity of design, that 'magic command' might well
come from something _other_ than an "X-10" system transmitter.

Good luck!

Re: low voltage x-10 receiver?

Steven wrote:
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The 2010 UNIVERSAL MODULE (http://www.smarthome.com/2010.html) looks
like it is exactly what you are looking for. It provides a relay contact
you can use to switch whatever you want.


Re: low voltage x-10 receiver?

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No, it's not.  That module runs on AC.  That and it doesn't receive RF.  So
it's not the right one on either condition the original poster requested.
It's a handy unit, to be sure, but only for someone that wants to use the
powerline to control a relay.

Remember, X-10 RF is different than X-10 powerline.  You can use one without
the other.  I, for one, am damn sick and tired of the complete unreliability
of X-10 powerline technology and devices.  It just doesn't work reliably
enough and no amount of filtering or other hacks are worth the aggravation.
X-10 over powerline is something people should AVOID.

There are such a things as RF receivers that operates on DC voltage:


But they spit out an RS-232 signal based on the RF they receive.  You'd then
have to rig up something that took the serial signal and tripped a relay.
Something like a Basic Stamp chip could be used to do just that.

The better question, however, is what are you really trying to control?
What sort of devices are involved and what effect do you want to achieve?
There may be another way to approach it.

There are untold number of other RF kits that could be utilized.  Perhaps
even by having something like PC with an RF receiver pickup the signal and
then retransmit it using something else.  I do this to pull X10 RF in from
the remotes via an MR26A and use it to then control some RadioRA light

Hmmm, I suppose you could also hack an MR26A but you're still faced with
handling the conver

-Bill Kearney

Re: low voltage x-10 receiver?

wkearney99 wrote:
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I did overlook the two characters RF. One solution would be a X10 RF
receiver (http://www.smarthome.com/4003.html), rip out the 110V AC stuff
and replace it with a connection to the battery. I'd worry about power
consumption, though.


Re: low voltage x-10 receiver?

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 15:43:26 -0700, Steven wrote:

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I'm pretty sure this isn't X10 RF compatible but it may well serve
your purpose:

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