Low cost SMD Oven for making SMD samples and Prototypes

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This SMD Oven Controller (SMDOC-01) is designed to use  with a toaster
oven. The temperature profile is similar to the expensive industrial
SMD oven provided. So, the sample quality is as good as the industrial
oven can do. It is capable for packages including 0402, BGA, QFP, SOP,
SSOP, TSSOP, SOT, etc. It is an indispensable tool for R&D and making
samples. It is very suitable for electronic companies, laboratories,
universities and hobbyists.  SMD Oven Controller (SMDOC-01) is only
US$206, including oven (PCB size is large up to 19 x 17cm) is US$283.
Voltage 220V, 8A fused.

1.Small, low price, performance comparable to expensive industrial SMD
2.Capable for any SMD packages. An indispensable tool for R&D, sample
making and small batch production.
3.No hand soldering. No painful. No difficult. Save time.
4.Connectable to PC via RS232 for profile setup and temperature
monitor. It can also operate independently without PC.
5.Simple to use. LEDs indication for each stage of pre-heat, soak,
reflow and cooling. Alarm and power cut off after finished.

Product information : http://www.auto-system.com
Please send me email : erica@auto-system.com  for any inquiry or order.

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