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Re: Internet Microphone?

You might want to have a look at ioBridge, they offer a fairly simple
way of monitoring/remote control (no PC required!).  In your case the
advantage would be the free logging service that is included.  You
could for example base it on a temperature sensor attached to the
generator.   Accessing a we page will show you a 30 day history of
temperature which should show what time the generator turned on and
off. You could even add an email alert for when the temperature goes
above ambient so you'd get an email each time it fires up.

On Jul 4, 11:36=A0pm, ddl@danlan.*com (Dan Lanciani) wrote:
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Re: Internet Microphone?

On Sun, 22 Aug 2010 00:01:16 -0700 (PDT), whitehexagon

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Thanks for that, it be useful for some other applications, such as sensing
the garage door or street gates
but I believe listening to the sound is the best way to monitor the weekly
exercise of my standby generator.


Re: Internet Microphone?

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For audio based you could always attach a 'loudness' sensor to one of
the analogue input channels.  Something operating between 0v-5v vs
Although that's probably gonna cost more than a simple temperature
sensor.  Otherwise if the generator has any kind of on/off lamp, you
could use the light sensor.  Then you'd still have the advantage of
weekly logging of data in case you miss listening in for that critical
10min window.
Alternatively have you considered an auto answering skype device?

Re: Internet Microphone?

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Running a PC from such a distance is in itself a weak link.

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There are free dynamic DNS servers available, such as that I
use for my own IP camera at my house.

Re: Internet Microphone?

On 7/3/2010 8:55 AM, Anthony R. Gold wrote:
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I installed a number of Generac generators with a remote monitor based
on alarm system technology. I bought the circuit boards from the small
DSC security systems and mounted them inside of the transfer switch.
The board would dial a burglar alarm monitoring station using standard
alarm communication protocol whenever the generator exercised or
whenever the fault light was activated. The monitoring company would
call me if there was no communication at the specified time every week.
It's old school tech but it works reliably and there is a record kept
by the monitoring station. Oh yea, it also calls home if the battery
gets low or if it loses AC power. This tech does need a POTS line in
order to work.


Re: Internet Microphone?

On Sat, 03 Jul 2010 14:55:54 +0100, "Anthony R. Gold"

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Not a microphone, but it may do what you want to do with more flexibility and

A $35 WebControl can be set up to send you an email on any of a variety of
triggers/sensors. and you can browse to the web interface to see the status
of whatever you might want to monitor (voltage, temperature, on-off, etc).

( product link shortened)

I plan to replace the  mechanical exercise timer control itself on our 12.5KW
Onan standby genset with a WebcControl.

A regulated 5VDC wartwart plugged into the generator output could be used to
provide the 5vdc trigger ( no soldering required) when the generator begins
to provide power, and a second email when it turns off.  This way you would
also know if it went on at an unscheduled time.

Measuring the voltage output of  _un_regulated vdc power supply plugged into
the generator output (no soldering required)  would allow you be sent alerts
if the output voltage was too high or too low.

See  (eg)
or more discussion.

Interface is either with browser or command-line. So you could also just
browse to the interface to see status.

      Digital Inputs    8
      Analog Inputs     3
      Maximum Digital Input Level       TTL 5V
      Maximum Analog Input Level        3V
      Minimum Input Level        0V
      Number of Output  8
      Output Level      TTL 5V
      Output Current    MAX 30 mA
  Programmable Timer
      Number of programmable timer events       20
      DS1822 Temperature Sensor         8
      Honeywell Humidity Sensor         1
  Power Consumption
      Without Load      5MA
      With Full Load    240MA
  Power Supply
      DC (recommend)    6V to 7.5V
      AC (when DC not available)        12V

$35.00 + shipping -- A steal IMO.

Barebones iPhone app:

Available/find suppliers through and eBay

****** Warning: the 1-wire temperature sensor interface is a work in
progress. Don't count on it. The rest of the unit appears solid in my
experience and that of many others. One can make accurate and dependable
temperature sensors that use the analog inputs (soldering required) to avoid
the erratic 1-wire temperature sensor interface.  ******

HTH ... Marc

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