Hot Water Recirculator Comfort Valve Inefficiencies Cost More Then An Outlet Install

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Thermal Actuating Valves (bypass valves/comfort valves) open and close
based on the temperature of the water contacting the valve.  Engineers
have identified these valves as the main cause of a homes loss of cold
water comfort.  These valves open / close based on the temperature of
the water which contacts them and rely on the systems heater mounted
pumps pressure to overcome the opposing pressure of the cold water
line at the bypass valve.  The problem is that anytime cold water
within the home is used, the pressure in the cold water line drops
allowing water from the hot water side to easily pass through the
comfort valve / bypass valve and into the cold water line.  During
this inefficient bleedover, cold city water enters the home hot water
heater to replace the water which bled through the bypass valve.  This
inefficient bleedover continues until water hot enough to close the
comfort valve reaches the comfort valve.  This is a significant waste
of valuable thermal energy and is the cause of homeowners loss of cold
water comfort in their home.  Depending on how often the cold water is
used, this inefficiency has the potential of seriously raising the
homeowners water heating bill.  Recirculation systems which have their
pumping mechanism attached at the water heater and have crossover /
bypass / comfort valves connected at the most distant fixture from the
water heater utilize these inefficient temperature actuation type


1st Inefficiency inherent with these valves is they cannot maintain
positive closure when +45 pounds of opposing water pressure is forced
on them, as when a faucet or tap is open.  Thus, leaching between hot
and cold water lines occur every time the water lines pressure drops,
i.e. laundry, dishwasher, icebox refill, toilet flush, sprinkler
system, etc.  

2nd Inefficiency inherent with this type of recirculation system is
that during scheduled-on periods the pump runs continuously consuming
valuable electrical energy even when hot water has filled the hot
water pipes.  This also causes undo wear on the pump shortening it's


Homeowners unknowingly have these type systems installed in their home
because they just don't have an electrical outlet under their fixture
/ sink that's farthest from the homes water heater, believing they'll
be saving money by not paying to have an outlet installed.  But, in
the long run, they'll actually be wasting serious energy and the
comfort of cold water every month.  These major flaws result in
homeowners complaining of loss of their homes cold water comfort
making them waste water down the drain in order to get cold water from
their homes cold water line when they should be addressing the wasted
thermal energy that their paying for each month.

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