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Sorry about the shameless plug, but I need to get off my butt and do a
little marketing again finally.  It's been a while.  So please check
out www.homedomination.com.  There's a lot of good home automation
info there too.

Home Domination is very reliable Windows software that works with both
the CM11A, CM19A and the CM15A.  It also can control devices directly
using USBmicro devices, and you can attach and use an unlimited number
of 1-Wire temperature sensors with these devices.  You can do
practically anything with the macro support, it has a remote client
that works very reliably, and it can support an unlimited number of
video devices.  It can monitor email for commands too.

You can pick and choose the features to buy, so you can get exactly
what you need for a very low price.  Free 30-day full function demo.
Use this coupon to get 20% off any software purchase until 2/28/06:

If you have any questions, please email me at

Harry Strand
StrandControl, LLC

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