Effect of upcoming changes to Daylight Savings Time

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I'm wondering what will be the effect on HA controllers of upcoming
changes to the week Daylight Savings Time starts and ends in the US. I
use a CM11A "Home Automation Interface" module to turn lights on and
off; some of the settings depend on knowing what time sunrise and
sunset occur, and I'm guessing they'll be thrown off by the changes.
(Even now the CM11A seems to stop working at the changeovers as well as
January 1, but it's only for a day.) The Windows ActiveHome software
that programs the unit hasn't been updated for a while and looks like
it won't, and I don't know any way to upgrade the firmware.  I got a
"PowerLinc 1132CU Controller" from SmartHome with software for it which
I could probably set up, but the latest version of that application
seems to be dated 2004.  My guess is this could be a widespread
problem; or is it automatically handled by these units and there's
nothing to worry about?

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