Contact closure of 120V power outlet

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Hey All

This is actually a lab automation question, but it seemed like this
group has knowledgeable people, so here goes.

I have a device (a syringe pump) that runs on 120V. I want to be able
to turn it on and off via a contact closure (on an HPLC) that can only
handle ~1V. I really need to keep this a hard wired solution, so
X10/wireless won't help. Also, I'm a biochemist and would probably burn
down the lab with a soldering iron. So, is anyone aware of a commercial
product that can control a 120V outlet that uses contact closures for

THanks for any help!

Re: Contact closure of 120V power outlet wrote:
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You might consider a "solid state relay" which can be found on eBay.

Many of these operate by the application of 3 to 30 VDC on the input
they switch 120 / 240 on the output.  These are optically isolated.

Thus, your relay would switch a small voltage, say 5 VDC to the solid
relay, which would in turn switch the 120 VAC.

I usually mount these in a metal electrical box to avoid any chance of
contact with the 120 VAC.

Best wishes.

Peter H Anderson,
Microchip PICs, BasicX, PICAXE Processors

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