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Anybody ever rig up a radar gun or speed detection product in front of
their house?  It would be really cool if you could hook up a wireless
rig to your computer.  Let it run a few days and then email the results
to your local police.

The cops love to catch somebody going 85 in a 65 on a 4 lane highway
where no pedestrians are at risk but in the 15 years I've lived on my
35mph road I've never seen a speed trap and some of the cars/cycles
blow by 60+.

I've thought of spacing a few motion sensors but I don't think they're
accurate enough.

Just wondering if any of you guys have ever played with this.

Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

ZRexRider wrote:
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In several communities around San Diego, I've seen (usually
solar-powered) automated radar-gun signs that show you precisely how
fast you are going, placed right next to a speed limit sign.

I'm not sure how effective they are.

Is this a hobby project for you?  Or are you hoping to give the police
enough ammunition to come and set up a periodic radar patrol?

Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

Both hobby and informative information to back up my concerns.   Local
cops in Pennsylvania can't use radar so about all they could do is sit
in my driveway and scare a few people.

Maybe I'm just turning into a geezer with nothing better to do (48).
I remember when I was a kid the old guys were always bitching about
speeders!    Next thing you know I'll be chasing kids out of my
yard...... help!

Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

There's already a better idea - radar actuated speed cameras and
red light cameras. Your City can contract with a private company
to install them at no cost to the City.

They take a picture of the license plate and the owner of the
vehicle is automatically assessed a "civil penalty" for violations
(so there's no need for evidence as to who was actually driving).
The revenue collected is split between the company and the City,
with the company getting about 2/3 and the City 1/3.  Any dispute
by a vehicle owner over the issue is impartially arbitrated by an
employee of the company.
The cameras are placed by the company with traffic safety as the
primary consideration - typically on streets with unusually low
speed limits for conditions and at intersections where it's
difficult to stop before the amber traffic signal turns red.

It sounds like your street would be a prime candidate for one of
these speed cameras.  Talk it up with your City officials.
(Maybe you can get the contract.)


On Sat, 20 Aug 2005 13:56:44 -0700, ZRexRider wrote:

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Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

Dweeb wrote:
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impartially arbitrated by an
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    Moo, ring; Moo, ring.....sound of Cash Cow.  :)
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Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

Here's a easy solution: call the local police department and suggest
they post
a radar unit on your street. They are usually anxious to hear
from concerned

If you don't get a positive response, try your Councilman. Go to City
Hall with
your check book and tell him you'll donate to his next
campaign if the cops post
a cruiser on your block in the next two days.
Use their greed to your benefit.

And regarding a private company sending me a ticket - forget it. A
ticket is a
legal document (a notice to appear) that has to be given by
a court (or member
of that court).

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Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

On Mon, 22 Aug 2005 22:55:18 -0400, yustr wrote:
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You don't get a "ticket" as you've described.  You get a bill.
If not paid they send a bill collector to harass you and file
a notice with credit reporting agencies.  And the MVB won't
re-register your vehicle until it's paid.

In my state the scheme was approved by the state legislature and
declared legal in a court case.  Look for it to become popular
in most states.  Hey, aren't we all in favor of SAFETY. :-)

I understand this type of thing is common in parts of Europe.


Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

You're right they were all over Germany when I lived there. But they
always managed by the local Polizi.

Here, I can see people defacing them as soon as they are errected. A
spray paint and ... oops no image. And since they belong to a
private company
it's just vandalism not intereferring with the

What's next? Private citizens reporting speeders for bounty? What's the
difference? Proof? This thread started with ZRex asking about a radar
gun and
computer link. How about this for a money making idea: develop
ZRex's device and
market it to anyone who wants to go into the business
of catching speeders. Just
think. There could be dozens of these on
every street. Wouldn't that be grand!

Really bad idea.

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Re: Auto Speed Monitoring

Yeah yustr  - in a way it is a bad idea.  I'd hate to see 100%
enforcement and it sure isn't the responsibility of the citizens to
monitor.   I wasn't thinking of bounty and there is no need for "proof"
cuz nobody is getting busted.... however if a cop sets up based on my
"informed request" and you go flying by my house - tough crap

Nobody would go through all this trouble unless they thought there was
a problem.  Thought never entered my mind until some punk went flying
by on a motorcycle at 80+ in a 35!!

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