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Physical Infrastructure

Discussions about copper and fiber optic physical infrastructure.

LAN and Telecom Cabling

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Does anyone know of links/resources for using the Fluke Cabl...

by Mac
Besides it's manual, would anyone know where to find straightforward instructions in how to use it's various features? Looking all over and not finding much. Thanks, Mac read more »

Fiber Optics

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NYC local event: UNIGROUP 15-JUN-2017 (Thu) Meeting: Optical...

by Jeff Jonas
Unigroup is THIS Thursday evening... Please RSVP if you will be attending... ================================================================= UNIGROUP OF NEW YORK - UNIX USERS GROUP - JUNE 2017 A... read more »

Voice Technologies

Discussions about technologies and equipment used in telecommunications, not specific to any particular manufacturer.

General Telecommunications Forum

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Generic telco AI platforms will be driven by open source, bu...

by Bill Horne
Oyster Bay, New York - 17 Oct 2018 The use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the telecom domain is now an established practice and chatbots, customer services, and network managem... read more »

Telecom Technical

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Caller ID stumper

by Chris
Hello, My VTech phone (land line) Caller ID stopped working and only displays ?Incoming Call?. The CID works properly if I?m on a call and some else calls simultaneously. The CID also works if p... read more »

Data Technologies

Discussions about protocols, technologies and equiment used for data communications, not vendor specific.

Video Conferencing

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Implementing and Configuring SBYOD Using Cisco ISE v1.0

by davidmart67
Get the title of Implementing and Configuring SBYOD Using Cisco ISE v1.0 ce rtification easily with the help of up to date TestKing Cisco 648-266 Exam study material. TestKing has released the lat... read more »

Ethernet LAN

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NYC local event: UNIGROUP meeting Thur 16-MAR-2017: DataCent...

by Jeff Jonas
Unigroup is next week on Thursday evening... Please RSVP if you will be attending... ================================================================== UNIGROUP OF NEW YORK - UNIX USERS GROUP - MA... read more »

Cable Modems

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Re: Over 135 million modems vulnerable to denial-of-service ...

by Anonymous Remailer (austria)
In article That zdnet article is erroneous and inaccurate. Resetting those cable modems does nothing but cause them to reboot and reload a config file. BUT, an attacker has to be ON a PRIVATE R... read more »

Wireless Networking

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Troubleshooting a suddenly-slow wireless link

by bob prohaska
Recently my Raspberry Pi 3's wireless link got slow. My ISP was the first suspect, but it turns out the Pi3, and only the Pi3, exhibits slow ping (5ms) and low throughput (2 Mbps). Formerly, ping ... read more »


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Softphone with good echo cancellation for Windows

by Patrick Schönbach
Hello, is there a good SIP-enabled VOIP client for Windows (free software preferred, if possible) that has good echo cancellation and can be used reliably without headset (just microphone and spea... read more »

Digital Subscriber Line

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Are there still a lot of DSL services?

by Ant
Hello. It seems like less these days since phone companies don't want them anymore like in my areas. :/ Thank you in advance. :) -- Merry Christmas/Season's Greetings/:) Holidays & May The For... read more »

Vendor-specific Topics

Discussions about topics specific to the particular LAN and voice equipment manufacturer.

Cisco Systems

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WAN Performance Analysis

by Bob Simon
A local backup of a server created a 201.4GB file in under 40 minutes. Sub sequently, a backup copy job took over a week to copy this data through a V PN to a remote site. I?d like to figure out ... read more »

Nortel Networks

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by Mushtaq Hussain Turi
ROW OEM Part Number QTY Name 1 ERICSSON KDU137 624/1 100 DUS4101 2 ERICSSON KDU137 624/11 300 DUS4102 3 ERICSSON KDU 137 925/31 42 Baseband 5216 4 ERICSSON KDU127 174/4 100 DUW410... read more »

Cisco Certification

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Multiple Jobs Corp - Corp. Windows Data Access Management - ...

by Jason
Hi SAGE IT Inc. is a Dynamic Leading Global premier Innovative Information Tec hnology Solutions workforce management, provides end-to-end solutions for c ustomized Software Development and IT co... read more »

Smart Homes

Discussions about Internet access, home theaters, automation, lighting and other technologies used in residential homes.

Home Automation

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Anyplaces still selling X-10 modules?

Used the last of my spare ApplianceLinc's yesterday after I had one die, so I figured it was time to buy a few more. Nope, sometime recently, Smarthome has dropped all the X-10/Insteon stuff and i... read more »

Home Theater

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Need help identifying if two cables I have are interchangeab...

One cable says 75 ohm 5c-2v coaxial cable. The other says E83032A F660BVV (UL) CATV. Are they interchangeable? read more »

General Home Automation

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Forklift Camera

How #ForkliftCameras Helps to Get Ride from Forklift Accidents. Read More: https://bit.ly/2NzY42S #forkliftcamerasystem #wirelessforkliftcamera #wirelessforkliftcamerasystem read more »


Physical and Data security topics from CCTV and fire alarms to network firewalls.

Electronic Security in UK

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Electronic component suppliers | online electronic store in ...

This Virtual Electronics Club Is Established To Build A Unique Electronics Culture Among Their Members Through Enhancing The Communication Between All Amateurs And Delivering All Required Service... read more »

CCTV, Alarms and other Physical Security

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Heard From An Old ASAer Today

I told him he should stop in here and say hi. He says he's retired now. I may stop by and see him in the mid later winter. Looking at doing a Caribbean cruise with my wife for our 25th. Probabl... read more »

Virtual Private Networks

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Live FortiGate II Training and Certification Courses Online

The FortiGate II course combines instructor-led training and interactive la bs to build a working knowledge of advanced FortiGate networking and securi ty features. This course follows the FortiGat... read more »