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Physical Infrastructure

Discussions about copper and fiber optic physical infrastructure.

LAN and Telecom Cabling

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Does anyone know of links/resources for using the Fluke Cabl...

by Mac
Besides it's manual, would anyone know where to find straightforward instructions in how to use it's various features? Looking all over and not finding much. Thanks, Mac read more »

Fiber Optics

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hi Does anyone know about lpg?????? please help me :-(

by soroush
my grating image attached. i have a waveguide. wveguide core:PMMA_DR1 & waveguide clad:PVA i have 3 mod in waveguide. my RI diffrent is about of 0.005 to 0.02 i writing grating and my grating perio... read more »

Voice Technologies

Discussions about technologies and equipment used in telecommunications, not specific to any particular manufacturer.

General Telecommunications Forum

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Is Verizon a better buy than T-Mobile? [telecom]

by Bill Horne
Better Buy: Verizon Communications Inc. vs. T-Mobile US Inc The battle between stalwart and up-start is closer than you might think. By Brian Stoffel Back in 2011, T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) seemed li... read more »

Telecom Technical

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Big Data Analyst Training

by infocim249
The amount of data produced across the globe has been going on increasing q uickly and will continue to grow at a speeding-up rate for the future (that can be imagined now). Big Data Analyst Train... read more »

Data Technologies

Discussions about protocols, technologies and equiment used for data communications, not vendor specific.

Video Conferencing

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Implementing and Configuring SBYOD Using Cisco ISE v1.0

by davidmart67
Get the title of Implementing and Configuring SBYOD Using Cisco ISE v1.0 ce rtification easily with the help of up to date TestKing Cisco 648-266 Exam study material. TestKing has released the lat... read more »

Ethernet LAN

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How to do BERT testing on an Ethernet?

by Tyler VZW
Mitch, I would recommend a Viavi/JDSU or EXFO test set. They are designed to do this kind of testing. There are other cheaper alternatives out there as well. They will generate a constant stream of ... read more »

Cable Modems

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Digital Set Top Box |Features |Price | DTH India | Videocon ...

by sudeepa4422
Videocon d2h offers digital cable box, DTH Channels in India and DTH HD Services through d2h products. All the Videocon d2h products are designed with advanced technology including digital entertain... read more »

Wireless Networking

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Speedtest Results

by amdx
I just did a speed test of the wifi system I'm using, 0.08Mbps Download speed. On a good day it is almost 1Mbps. This sucks. /rant over Mikek read more »


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* SR-S4500 (MVTSII) ver.1.5.4-30 available for install! *

by mera2solutions
Details: Softswitch, Billing, LCR, H323 and SIP support, conversion New : fas detector , redialer , group rate/routes Setup requirements: 2 Linux servers Scalability: 500-10000 concurrent calls P... read more »

Digital Subscriber Line

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Are there still a lot of DSL services?

by Ant
Hello. It seems like less these days since phone companies don't want them anymore like in my areas. :/ Thank you in advance. :) -- Merry Christmas/Season's Greetings/:) Holidays & May The For... read more »

Vendor-specific Topics

Discussions about topics specific to the particular LAN and voice equipment manufacturer.

Cisco Systems

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cisco switch for sale

by Hubert Zhu
Our company have following Cisco products for sale : WS-C2960+24TC-L $430 WS-C2960+48TC-L $790 WS-C2960+24PC-L $775 WS-C2960X-24TS-LL $570 WS-C2960X-... read more »

Nortel Networks

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Nortel 1800-24T switch manual &/or reset ?

by Mentors Across America.com
Nortel 1800-24T switch manual &/or reset instructions? Our nonprofit picked up a few of these switches at firesale prices. We're getting some ideas why! No support that we can see via the net, ... read more »

Cisco Certification

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Increase revenue by placing ads with the help of publishers

by ayeshaadblows
Through our website, business owners can connect with the best publishers there in the world and place ads for free. http://www.adblows.com/ppc-publisher-login.php read more »

Smart Homes

Discussions about Internet access, home theaters, automation, lighting and other technologies used in residential homes.

Home Automation

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NAPCO GEM-3200 (OLD 1st Generation Panel) Home Automation Fi...

I have a very old NAPCO GEM-3200 panel with V10A and can not do Home Automation. I bought the GEM-AUTOMATION kit and came with V40C. V40C does not work in my very old GEM-3200 panel. I think the vers... read more »

Home Theater

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Need help identifying if two cables I have are interchangeab...

One cable says 75 ohm 5c-2v coaxial cable. The other says E83032A F660BVV (UL) CATV. Are they interchangeable? read more »


Physical and Data security topics from CCTV and fire alarms to network firewalls.

Networking Firewalls

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We provide Gateway Firewall Consulting Security Services to ...

A firewall is membrane between a non-safe network (typically internet) and safe internal network. http://www.cloudace.in/service/it-security-consulting-services/ read more »

Electronic Security in UK

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Electronic component suppliers | online electronic store in ...

This Virtual Electronics Club Is Established To Build A Unique Electronics Culture Among Their Members Through Enhancing The Communication Between All Amateurs And Delivering All Required Service... read more »

CCTV, Alarms and other Physical Security

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OT: Just for fun

Enjoy as you all see fit. :-) http://player.theplatform.com/p/NnzsPC/widget/select/media/guid/2410887629/3021121 read more »

Virtual Private Networks

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Need recommendation

Home user needs recommendations for VPN. Light use. Thank you. -- read more »